Angus AnyWhere


Designed Specifically for Commercial Real Estate

Angus AnyWhere is focused on commercial real estate. It is easier to learn and to operate, ultimately freeing up PC time and increasing productivity.

Our System Doesn't Make You Work...It Works for You.

From automatic work orders, dispatching and escalations through real-time updates, your service and maintenance standards and processes are consolidated and consistent allowing for streamlined workflow portfolio-wide.

Simply Engineered

Building our software on the latest development platform and proven architecture means that enhancements come to market more quickly. Our relentless commitment to innovation means that you will never again find yourself using obsolete software.

Easily Integrates with Existing Systems

From the ground up, Angus AnyWhere is engineered to's compatible with almost all commercial real estate leasing and AR systems like CTI, JDE, MRI and Yardi, and it easily plugs into corporate portals and web sites.

There is No Software to Install or Servers to Buy

Angus AnyWhere is delivered through an application service provider arrangement that enables access from any internet connection. We provide a 100% Uptime Guarantee. This frees you from installing and maintaining application servers, connections, firewalls and security protection. System upgrades are performed remotely and automatically.

Compatible with a Wide Array of Mobile Technologies

Compatibility with the widest and most affordable array of mobile technologies means that you choose the most appropriate wireless provider and device for each property, location or region.