Angus AnyWhere | Inspections

Inspections Made Simple.

Our mobilized Inspection module eliminates paper, enhances visibility, and improves accountability, all while streamlining the deployment and completion of multi-purpose inspections.  Flexible inspection templates and workflow enable management of any inspection type including; property and building, housekeeping, general conditions, equipment etc.

A sophisticated weighted inspection scoring system allows you to track, trend and report over time to gain valuable insight into team performance and asset conditions.

As an integrated value add module on the Angus AnyWhere platform your team can easily pre-configure standardized inspection templates and speed the deployment and creation of recurring and on-demand inspections. And, the ability to escalate on failed inspection tasks and / or create work orders for corrective action ensures action is taken where needed.

Reports provide a snapshot on how you and your team are doing with inspections and any corrective work orders providing a clear picture of what is happening within your property(ies).