Angus AnyWhere | Certificate of Insurance

Certificate of Insurance

Mitigate your risk by ensuring all Vendors and Tenants have proper insurance coverage.

Given the pace of your business moves, ensuring that all of your Vendors and Tenants are properly insured is an overwhelming responsibility and often doesn’t get done. The AnyWhere Certificate of Insurance (COI) management system greatly simplifies the collection and certification of COIs and makes the process manageable.

Automated COI renewal notifications to vendors, tenants, and staff dramatically reduce the time required to stay on top of your COI certification process. Designed specifically for the organizational structure of commercial real estate, the system enables pre-loaded and layered corporate, property, and specific named insured policy requirements, which drive even further time savings and increased compliance accuracy.

The Angus AnyWhere COI system becomes your electronic documentation filing cabinet for all your COI compliance information, renewal histories, and communications. With COI information stored in one system, viewing current, soon to expire, and expired COIs is instant and available at both the property and portfolio levels.

Certificate of Insurance tracking and management made easy.