Angus AnyWhere | Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Mitigate risk by being better prepared for the next emergency.

Utilize the Angus AnyWhere Tenant Handbook and Notify+Response to be more prepared for the next emergency.

Tenant facing communications are a critical component of your emergency preparedness plan. Using the AnyWhere handbook and Notify+Response, you can communicate more effectively and much more quickly in response to emergency situations.

With the Tenant Handbook, you can provide current on-line, immediately accessible information for your tenants including; emergency phone numbers, evacuation plans, threat procedures and check list, and floor warden duties and responsibilities, etc.

Angus Notify+Response enables instant mass communication to your tenant contacts in response to emergency situations. Emergency contact subscriptions and distribution groups create instant call lists. Pre-configured notification templates allow you to quickly create accurate messages for all types of situations. Real-time two-way, SMS, text to voice, and e-mail messaging also let you know who received the messages and when.

Clear, concise communications to your tenants, in advance of, and during, emergency situations.