Angus AnyWhere | Life Safety & Corporate Tasking

Life Safety and Corporate Tasking

Drive life safety procedure compliance across your property portfolio.

Be it for one property or hundreds, making a corporate commitment to life safety compliance, and having a plan in place, come together with Angus AnyWhere.

Life Safety provides a controlled process for constructing corporatewide life safety tasking that is automatically deployed, scheduled, and executed at the appropriate intervals to ensure every property in the portfolio complies with your corporate standards.

Angus AnyWhere enables efficient, controlled, centralized task creation and management. Changes to corporate tasks are immediately propagated to all properties using the task. Property level users can supplement corporate tasks with additional tasking to meet individual needs, as required.

Life Safety and Corporate Tasking helps ensure that life safety procedures are performed at each and every property within your portfolio. It can reduce risk and insurance costs, too.