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Notify + Response

Communicate Better.

Any good relationship requires solid communication. You need the best communication tools available to communicate with your tenants and keep them informed, happy and safe.

Communication is critical to every aspect of your operations. Whether it is communication relating to day-to-day operational and service issues, daily internal communication among groups, or emergency communication in a crisis – you need to keep your tenants informed and know the message has been received.

Angus Notify+Response enables instant two way mass communication – real time notification and response tracking – allowing you to communicate quickly, effectively and efficiently. Keeping tenants well informed not only allows you to appropriately manage any situation but is also key to meeting tenants’ high expectations for service and delivering the best tenant experience.

The result? Happy, safe tenants. Secure and professional buildings. Higher tenant retention rates.

Typical Applications

  • Proactively manage communications in emergency or critical situations such as natural disasters (tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, windstorms, and floods), evacuations, pandemic diseases, acts of violence etc.
  • Effectively communicate day-to-day operational and service related incidents such as power outages, elevator outages, system failures, ruptured pipes, facilities issues etc.
  • Enhance internal communications between staff
  • Promote your building activities and events