Angus AnyWhere | Resource Reservation

Resource Reservation

Simplify the amenity reservation process for you and your tenants.

Booking an amenity can be a cumbersome process for both you and your tenants. Tenants need to call the management office, the amenity calendar needs to be checked, and often the amenity is not available when required. A lengthy back and forth process would ensue to coordinate the reservation, supporting resources and people.

Angus AnyWhere Resource Reservations provides controlled access to a common, always available, on-line resource calendar, dramatically reducing the chatter between your team and your tenants. It offers your tenants a quick and intuitive method of accessing and booking your value-added building resources.

Not only does this function save everybody time, the coordination of support services and billing are initiated automatically through pre-configured work orders.

Resource Reservation simplifies, streamlines and optimizes the reservation process for all of your building’s amenities.

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