Angus AnyWhere | Surveys


Leverage your Angus tenant contact database for satisfaction level surveys.

Tenant retention is your highest priority. The ability to track, measure, and trend the satisfaction levels of your tenants with the Angus AnyWhere Surveys tool is paramount to your bottom line.

The AnyWhere Survey tool is integrated with the Tenant Request module and allows distribution of web-enabled surveys to your tenant contacts. Because it’s integrated and uses the underlying property location and tenant data, your survey results can be easily detailed and reported on by who and where. Highly customizable survey questionnaire allows you to gather the information you need to measure and trend survey results.

Surveys can be deployed within a specific property or across your portfolio of properties. Configurable negative response thresholds let you know when a tenant is not happy with your service, enabling immediate follow up.

One dissatisfied tenant is one too many.

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