Angus AnyWhere Training

Angus AnyWhere Training

Software, no matter how good, is only beneficial if it’s used, and used well.

Our absolute goal is to ensure that your organization receives maximum value from the Angus AnyWhere system.

That’s why we take a layered approach to training and education. Our program ensures your staff is up and running quickly and is productive with Angus AnyWhere on day one. And through continuous education, new and returning staff develops deeper and more extensive skills. By ensuring your employees can make full use of Angus AnyWhere quickly, easily and confidently, we help you achieve increased productivity and efficiency.

Our Training Program

Our training offering is designed to meet the varying training needs of your organization’s user base - from novice to expert. From On Demand video tutorials, or Standard Training delivered over the Web to Custom Training services delivered over the web or at your place of business, our programs ensure your employees take full advantage of the features Angus AnyWhere has to offer.

On Demand Video Tutorials

Our on demand video tutorials offer self-paced training sessions, for novices and experts alike, at no charge. These pre-recorded, non-interactive sessions are created by our expert trainers and cover every aspect of the Angus AnyWhere system.

On Demand Training is available 24/7 via the Web. Unlimited access at your convenience – learn at your pace, online.

Standard Training

Access to Standard Training is unlimited and included with your monthly service fees. Live web based, instructor led training classes are available to all our clients and the curriculum covers all major aspects of the Angus AnyWhere platform. Users are able to learn the system within a 2 week period.

Standard Training class sizes are limited in order to ensure a high quality training experience. Participants have the opportunity to interact with the trainer and ask questions via a chat function.

Custom Training

Our Custom Training provides a program tailored to your specific needs. Sessions are scheduled specifically for your organization when and where you like. Training is customized to match your organization’s specific requirements and incorporates your organization’s best practices.

Custom Training is highly interactive and can be delivered via the Web or at your location.

For more information on our training offerings please contact