Angus Support

For over twenty years Angus has been providing the highest level of support to our customers across North America and Europe. We have a team of specialists dedicated specifically to support with a singular priority and a shared purpose: providing the highest level of service possible. Individuals are strategically selected to join the team based on their range and depth of technical skills, professional abilities, and an outstanding approach embracing service and ownership.

Over 95% of incoming support calls are answered immediately and personally by one of our friendly support technicians, never by an Interactive Voice Response Unit. Traditional call centers measure how many calls technicians take and how quickly they can "close the call"; we focus on providing an exceptional level of personal service that comfortably delivers the speedy issue resolution you're expecting.

We equip our staff with critical tools such as secure encrypted support logins that help us actively engage with you, allowing us to see exactly what you're seeing in the system. We augment the toolsets with ongoing employee development provided through extensive product and service training as well as through challenging assignments designed specifically to enhance service delivery. Unlike many software companies, we do NOT outsource support or development activities. The Angus AnyWhere system is developed in house by developers who are easily accessible to our support team. Having the developers who wrote the system serving as backup to our front line support team enables us to deliver superior support in all situations.

The Angus Support Team is available Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET and provides assistance via telephone and email. After hours emergency support is always available. Technical and software support is provided at no additional cost and is included in the monthly service fees.