The New Standard in Convenient Credentialing and Access

Mirra is a secure integration solution between tenant and landlord access control systems that simplifies credential management and modernizes the access experience.

  • Streamlines credential management workflow
  • Eliminates administrative burden and human error
  • Provides greater data integrity and hardened security through instantaneous data synchronization
  • Offers the convenience of a single access card
  • Scalable and repeatable across disparate systems and locations
  • Reduces operating costs and physical credential waste

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A Fortune 500 Technology Company Case Study

In 2017, a Fortune 500 corporation approached us to integrate its access control system with the building’s access control system so that all employees could use one card to enter the building as well as their own suite.

Briefly, our solution:

  • Synchronizes up to 48,000 client cardholder profiles into their property managers’ access control systems.
  • Allows the client to push their cardholder details into several disparate access control systems used by various property managers across the US.
  • Eliminates the need to spend countless hours and resources manually managing credential workflow.

Mirra solves the real life challenges of access card management. How? Watch our explainer video.