Occupant Experience

Connect is a practical occupant experience platform that streamlines day to day building operations, delivers an elevated tenant experience, and keeps occupants happy, productive, and engaged. 

Flexible app tiers are tailored to suit the needs of every portfolio or property. Contact us to learn more about Connect, see a demo or to enroll in our Pilot program.


Your brand. Your experience.

Deliver a tenant experience that is uniquely yours. Built around your corporate and property brands, the white label option includes a branded iOS and Android™ app, custom app name, icon, app store listing, home screen branding (image and colors).


Seamless & Secure Building Access

Integrated mobile credential for seamless access through lobbies, turnstiles, and suites.

Connect Operations

Building Operations

Connect occupants to what they truly need to be productive and comfortable in the workplace. 

Service Request
Meeting Room & Resource Booking
Visitor Management

News Feed

Building News & Events

Keep tenants informed on what’s happening in their building share relevant news and updates, including your latest building announcements and promote events and social activities in and around your building to build a sense of community and boost engagement.

Safe Workplace

Safe Workplace ReEntry

Get back to work safely with a variety of optional features, such as:

Desk/space reservation
Capacity management
Wellness screening & contact tracing
Touchless entry

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing & Amenities

Promotions & Discounts
In app purchases